Association Montessori Switzerland

The umbrella association ASSOCIATION MONTESSORI (SWITZERLAND) was founded in 2012 by the Assoziation Montessori (Schweiz) and the Association Montessori (Suisse).

The aims of the Association are to promote the educational principles of Maria Montessori and to further spread her ideas. The Association Montessori (Switzerland) is a consultative body. The regional sections are executive bodies.


  • ensures that the regional sections coordinate their activities whenever possible
  • is the point of contact in relation to the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and guarantees the exchange of information between AMI and the sections.
  • represents its members abroad. Represents its members throughout Switzerland in domestic affairs, especially when working with authorities
  • holds the rights to the copyright of the name “Montessori” for Switzerland
  • is affiliated with the Association Montessori InternationaleAssociation Montessori Internationale AMI.

The members of the ASSOCIATION MONTESSORI (SWITZERLAND) are the regional sections, represented by one member of each board.

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